QR Codes for a Integrated Marketing Proposal

I remember about one and half years ago I was talking to guy about a job in printing in Anderson, IN. He asked me if I knew what QR codes were and how to use them. I had to give him the honest answer and I said, “I don’t even know what they look like.”

Now that I have learned about QR codes I would like to express my knowledge for everyone. Below I have an QR codes in which you can use your smart phone to view. Each code will take you to a different location and that is the whole purpose of the QR code. This code was generated from Zxing Project.

Just imagine the possibilities that can come QR codes. Right now in 2011, anyone can view QR codes from store windows to a bath soap in your bathroom.  You can even track QR Codes to see who has scanned that code and what phone they have used to scan that code. Create, Place and Learn what QR codes can do your company.
So what does QR code stand for? QR stands for Quick Response. These QR codes can be small, big, and virtually any size that you want to make them. If you wanted to create one so big that it engulfs the side of your building go ahead and create it. The best thing that I love about QR codes is using them on a Campus via a virtual tour. This process will happen in the few weeks at Anderson University . Come back and check it out in October and see how Bart Caylor of Caylor Solutions have created this great tool with QR codes for AU.  

Contact Info QR Code


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